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* 1. Do you have a Wikia account?

* 2. Are you an admin or bureaucrat of this wiki or any other Wikia wiki?

* 3. For classification purposes only, which age category do you fall into?

* 4. Approximately how many hours do you spend online each day?

* 5. On average, how often you watch videos online?

* 6. While using the Related Videos module, did you try to add a video?

* 7. How likely are you to:

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Watch a video
Add a video to the Related Videos module
Embed a video on a wiki page

* 8. Please rate the following:

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The quality of Wikia video content
The relevance of videos inside the Related Videos module
The user interface of the Related Videos module
The viewing experience within the player

* 9. How important are the following to you:

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Inclusion of video on a wiki
Relevance of videos to the wiki
Video quality
Ease of adding a video

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* 11. What are your overall thoughts about the design of the Related Videos module? What, if anything, would you change? (e.g. placement on the page, look & feel, ease of use, etc)