1. Registration for Oral Health GR - February 20, 2015

TITLE: HIV in Dental Practice

WEBINAR FORMAT - This program will be conducted via a webinar format.

You will listen to the program on your telephone as you follow along watching the PowerPoint on your individual computer.

If you are not able to access a computer during the presentation you may still participate by listening on your telephone.

You will receive your 800 phone number and computer url log in approximately 3 days prior to the program.

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* 5. Other Individual(s) joining at your location:

* 6. I understand that I must email or fax my attendance form and complete the online evaluation in order to be eligible to receive a certificate.

Thank you for registering for the February 20th Oral Health Grand Round Program. If you have any questions be sure to contact Victoria at Victoria.Lantzy@hc.msu.edu or (517)355-8250.