1. Registration for Pharmacy GR held on August 16, 2017

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Program Title: Cystic Fibrosis Management: Past, Present, and Future

This program will be held via webinar.

Webinars: Participants view the presenter’s PowerPoint on their own computer and listen to the presentation on their telephone after they receive a call in number. Participants receive the url log in address for the webinar approximately 3-4 days prior to the presentation with a link to double check their computer to make sure it can access the program.

Please fill out the attendance form and survey monkey evaluation at the end of the program. 

This information is required for receiving a certificate and must be completed within 2 weeks after the program date.

* 1. Please list individual who is the main contact person for your organization.

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* 3. Please list the entire name of your organization (no abbreviations). Include any branch location if applicable.

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* 8. Names of other individuals who will be attending.

Thank you for submitting your request to participate in the Michigan Center for Rural Health's educational program.

Just a reminder that this program is a webinar, not a video conference.

Please contact Victoria at (517) 355-8250 or Victoria.Lantzy@hc.msu.edu with questions you might have, or you may list your question here. Thank you.