Country & Site Specific Information

After evaluating its programs, the Center has decided to address the desire expressed by students to collect site and country specific information for future awardees to utilize. If you have any questions please contact Emily Combs (
Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!

* 1. In which country were you placed?

* 2. In which cities, regions, towns or villages did you spend significant time?

* 3. Where did you stay? How much did you pay and what did you think about the accommodation?

* 4. How did you negotiate finances in this country? (i.e. brought cash, access to ATMs...etc)

* 5. What transportation did you find safe and easy, and what was the cost?

* 6. What languages did you need to navigate the area?

* 7. What attire did you find worked best for the region, season(s), your professional environment, and then casual exploration? If possible, please also speak to the attire of other genders.

* 8. What were some of your favorite places to eat, get coffee and socialize?

* 9. What advice do you have on fun and interesting activities to do during free time nearby? Please include cost and transport if possible.

* 10. What recommendations about building local contacts and relationships do you have?

* 11. What means of exercise did you find accessible or possible in your area?

* 12. What other suggestions do you have for someone headed to your site/city/country?

* 13. If you are willingly to speak to future awardees about the region, please leave your name and email address