"Refugee 101" pre-survey

The sitting administration has brought with it a great deal of uncertainty and chaos regarding refugee/immigration issues. In Yellow Springs, we began a process of discernment in 2015. There is a coalition amongst community members, Antioch students, Yellow Springs Schools, Village Council, First Presbyterian Church of Yellow Springs, and the Beloved Community Project. 

This questionnaire is designed to be taken *before* the October 21 event, which is in McGregor Hall on Antioch College campus, room 118.

Please check back here for a post-event survey that will go live at 3 o'clock on October 21.   

* 1. Refugees are human

* 2. "I am familiar with the process refugees undergo, from their country of origin to placement in the Dayton area." When applied to yourself, this statement is:

* 3. Are you aware of refugee communities in the greater-Dayton area?

* 4. Let's dig into the answers to question 3. 

* 5. Do you regard refugee/immigration issues to be among your top three justice concerns? 

* 6. Many communities in the greater-Dayton area, including Yellow Springs, are wrestling with what it means to be a sanctuary community. Do you think ongoing conversations, education, legislation, and action should be given significant priority (understood as an issue that is not always pushed to the following meeting's agenda in favor of other community issues)?  

* 7. I intend to attend the October 21 "Refugee 101" workshop at Antioch.

* 8. Please check all that apply.