About this survey

Kia ora.
The purpose of this survey is to provide on-going information on why secondary teachers stop teaching in New Zealand schools.
You do not have to be a PPTA member to complete this survey.
The survey is for all teachers in classroom, leadership or other roles in state and integrated schools who are leaving the NZ secondary teaching force.  It is for those  who have resigned or are resigning from, or who have lost their position (for example through surplus staffing processes).  It is not for people who have taken approved long term leave from their teaching job.
The survey can be completed in no more than five minutes. There are 12 questions with 'tick box' responses and an opportunity to provide an individual response. Only 3 questions will require an answer, but you are encouraged to them respond to all to help give the clearest picture of why teachers leave secondary teaching.

Your response is anonymous. The only information gathered by PPTA is that you choose to supply through the questions in the survey.
Any information you provide is confidential to PPTA and no individual responses will be identified in the reports produced from the combined information provided by teachers.
Towards the end of the survey you are asked which school you are/were at when resigning from teaching. This is to help to provide information which may show trends in resignations, for example differences between regions, urban-rural, school type etc.
At the end of the survey there is an opportunity at the end to make any additional comments or to add, or expand on answers to any of the questions.
You will need to complete the survey using a device that has not previously been used to return a response to this survey to Survey Monkey. For this reason we suggest that you do not use an open access computer at your work place.
We appreciate your help with collecting this information and developing a better understanding of the reasons for leaving teaching.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact rwilletts@ppta.org.nz
Ngā mihi.