Thank you for agreeing to participate as an employer in the REAL Traineeship program.  Here are a few items to keep in mind before you fill out the form.


1.  In this form, you will be asked to identify which trainee positions, and how many of each, that you will hire.  So, in preparation for this question, we suggest you review the job description document in the attached email before filling out the survey.  You may also need to consult with others to identify how many trainees you will hire.


2.  Once you begin filling out the form, there is not an option for you to stop and then fill out the rest of the information later.   The form is not long, but it does require that you be prepared.  So, we have also attached a PDF of the survey so you are ready to answer the questions.  This will make filling out the form much quicker and allow consultation with colleagues if necessary.


Thank you again and if you have any questions, please email Dr. Deborah Stine, Consultant to Catalyst Connection, at