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We're doing a quick and dirty survey of Readyforce students. We want to know what you're focused on and what you're thinking about when evaluating potential employers. So please, take 5 MINUTES and tell us!

Answer this quick survey and be entered to win one of three gift cards for $100 to Amazon. Questions about the survey? Send an email to sara@readyforce.com.

Survey closes 5/7/13.

* 1. What is the name of your college/university?

* 3. What is your current class level?

* 4. Do you already have a full-time job after graduation?

* 5. Which computer languages do you consider yourself to be most proficient in?
(Select at least 1 and no more than three answers)

When answering the following questions, please consider your answer as it applies to a full-time position, post-graduation.

* 6. When evaluating an offer from a company, please SELECT the THREE most important factors you take into consideration: (choose 3 answers)

* 7. Which industry (or industries) are you most interested in working on? Select AT LEAST ONE and no more than THREE answers.

* 8. What size company are you most interested in working with?