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1. About this survey:

Survey Period: The Survey is open until July 7th, 2020. All comments will be reviewed and included in the Final Draft Strategic Vision Plan 2040. The initial draft report will be available for the public to review during the public comment period from June 24 until July 7th. During that time, Deliverable 1 through 4 will also be available. The previous reports detail specific findings and methods to arrive at the Strategic Vision Plan 2040.

Purpose: To establish a resident-driven element in setting goals and tasks for the final Strategic Vision Plan 2040 for the Town of Orange Park, the following survey matches existing and emerging urban design principles with community desires expressed in workshops, walk shops, and the previous two surveys.  Results from Survey 3 will help Town leaders identify which vision strategy to move forward with and begin an implementation plan and communication strategy that will assist the Town.  Community input is vital to set short term strategies and large scale, long-term concepts in order to avoid failed goals.

Survey feedback will be included in the final report appendix and accompanied by a brief memo of findings. Survey questions are categorized by common elements defined by the Strategic Vision Re-ImagineThemes presented during Workshop 3 part 1. That presentation and report are available for review at

Survey Instructions: Each concept has either a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 represents top priority and 5 represents the least priority or, request the items listed to be ranked. Please respond with your priority regardless of cost or time to completion. Each section has a place for additional concepts to be entered. Please be specific if a location is requested. Please provide a citation if there is a reference to another community, project, or concept from another location.

This will be the final public survey for the Town of Orange Park Strategic Vision Plan 2040 planning study.

Rank ReImagine Strategy Themes
  • Theme: Reconnect (Includes Transportation, Mobility) Bring together people and places through mobility and collaboration.
  • Theme: Redevelop (Includes structural sense of place, Town Center, Multi-Use, design and architectural elements, sustainable construction)Encourage the development of viable and sustainable assets that improve the lives of residents and visitors.
  • Theme: Rediscover (Includes communication, sense of place) Promote the assets and brand of the Town.
  • Theme: Reinvest (Everyday needs and long term investment) Address the everyday needs and long-term stability of the Town.
  • Theme: Restore (Includes heritage elements, historic structures)
  • Theme: Retain (Quality of Life including better business, environment, etc.) Enhance the quality of life and create a business-friendly environment.
  • Other Themes:
Under each goal, please rank as a priority, where 1 is the top priority and 5 is least. Remember, cost and time are not part of this survey.


Bring together people and places through transportation, mobility, and collaboration.
Site Dynamics Plan
Please use the Site Dynamics Tool developed for the Town during this visioning plan. You will find comments provided throughout the vision process have been included. Also, please remember to review the final Deliverable Report 5, and all others on the Town vision website. The public comment period is from June 24-July 7. A public virtual meeting will be held and recorded on July 24th to review and answer questions.

Click the link below to add your comments and suggestions.

Community Site Dynamic Tool

Question Title

* 1. Goal: Control and calm traffic at critical intersections.

  1 2 3 4 5
Holly Point West zone light at US17 for peak hour commuter through traffic
Elongate turning lane at Moosehaven new entrance
Pursue SIS Overlay partnership with FDOT for enhanced funding and design options of US 17/Park Avenue (see map)
Motor vehicle flyover to reduce impact of commuter vehicles on local roads and improve pedestrian crossings
Create a dedicated right turn lane from Orange Avenue to Kingsley Avenue
Improve Plainfield Avenue and Wells Road connection
Master Plan for vehicle Access Management (curb cuts, cut through traffic, signalization)
Master Plan for improved delivery services (large semi-trucks, drones, centralized package lockers)
Add other (Please be specific for a location.)

Question Title

* 2. Goal: Improve pedestrian and bike safety and routing.

  1 2 3 4 5
Master plan for bike share and personal electric bicycles, scooters and segways
Create Black Creek Trail Implementation Plan to connect Doctors Lake Trail to Black Creek Trail
Connect Black Creek Trail to NAS JAX/Town Limits

Question Title

* 3. Goal: Provide connectivity to the adjacent communities, schools, churches, etc.

  1 2 3 4 5
Incorporate greenway and trails planning as alternate pathways for bicycle and walking
Identify opportunities to connect neighborhoods to Town trails
Encourage the development of viable and sustainable assets that improve the lives of residents and visitors. 
Redevelop (Includes structural sense of place, Town Center, Multi-Use, design and architectural elements, sustainable construction)

Question Title

* 4. Goal: Celebrate the river’s edge and maintain public “portals” for access.

  1 2 3 4 5
Define levels of public water access and establish locations (pier, waterfront park)
Identify kayak launches and level of service
Determine commercial waterfront use where appropriate and identify locations

Question Title

* 5. Goal: Create a central “town square”, edged with mixed-use as activators.

  1 2 3 4 5
Develop Architectural guidelines, avoid modern “look”

Question Title

* 6. Establish a Town Center/Town Square and Master Plan (Select top 2 locations)

Question Title

* 7. Goal: Ensure that high-quality design is encouraged both architecturally and landscape architecturally.

  1 2 3 4 5
Develop Architectural guidelines, avoid modern style
Develop Landscape Architectural guidelines, encourage use of native plant materials, sustainable principals and promote the tree canopy.
Expand development oversight and review guidelines for new aesthetic requirements

Question Title

* 8. Goal: Provide current mixed-use infill where most appropriate.

  1 2 3 4 5
Plan for mixed use development and redevelopment with zoning overlays
Redevelopment at Park Avenue and Kingsley, Transform the two corridors with enhanced bike/ped connectivity, use of greenscapes, improved façades, signage and multi-use development to support the Town mission.
Identify locations within neighborhood zones for age in place housingincluding 55+, condominiums or apartments
Develop neighborhood zone plan for “corner store coffee shop” commercial use
Promote the assets and brand of the Town.

Question Title

* 9. Goal: Continue to involve residents, neighbors, civic leaders, and the financial and development community in the design process.

  1 2 3 4 5
Establish annual visioning public meetings to update and engage
Form municipal partner task force on project by project basis
Incorporate a developer level task force with the Chamber of Commerce and/or County to enhance collaboration
Create a commercial leaseholder/owner database to communicate town wide changes and announcements

Question Title

* 10. Goal: Branding and communication

  1 2 3 4 5
Develop monthly Town newsletter that includes content to educate the community on government processes
Establish guidelines and locations for murals and public art installations
Install branded entry gateway signage along at Town boundaries
Create a Town map of destinations including parks, restaurants, water access and historic sites
Unification and consistency of Town logo and graphics
Address the everyday needs and long term stability of the Town.

Question Title

* 11. Goal: Consideration of new neighborhood amenities and identifiers.

  1 2 3 4 5
Improve existing parks facilities with amenities that might attract families such as splash pads, improved fencing or other
Increase access ramps and areas of respite including benches, trees, pergolas or other structures within existing parks
Create areas of respite along local roads including benches, trees, shade structures or other

Question Title

* 12. Goal: Where and what are the community economic drivers?

  1 2 3 4 5
Establish a Community Redevelopment Area CRA based on transportation corridors including Kingsley Avenue, Park Avenue, Black Creek Trail and potential Dudley Branch Greenway
Create a community grant program for commercial façades updating
Establish a program to enhance the medical industry partnership. Potential concepts include community grant programs that encourage healthy neighbors, grant match for park/trail development needs, communication with patients through information and marketing
Strategize future funding mechanisms to expand public project capabilities. Examples include fees, taxes, bonds and grant leverage measures
Incorporate a commercial partner task force to plan for long range economic development
Promote historic preservation and sense of place.

Question Title

* 13. Goal: Maintain and celebrate all historical sites and structures.

  1 2 3 4 5
Establish historic preservation guidelines
Create a marketing map dedicated to the history of the Town of Orange Park
Develop additional historic celebrations and historic days including the 100th Anniversary of Moosehaven (2022), Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley, Harriet Elisabeth Beecher Stowe Day etc.

Question Title

* 14. Goal: Provide and ensure that civic and cultural facilities receive a “dignified” look and feel.

  1 2 3 4 5
Maintenance/improve picnic area near Library
Update OPAA facility gates and ramps
Identify places for additional trees or other edge landscaping
Quality of Life including better business, environment etc.

Question Title

* 15. Goal: Maintain and celebrate the existing historical tree canopy.

  1 2 3 4 5
Establish tree planting program for residents and commercial property owners such as “adopt a tree” or fundraiser
Create a monthly communication post highlighting ancient trees
Provide a “101” segment in the community newsletter or local newspaper about planting and maintaining trees

Question Title

* 16. Goal: Establish a “REEL” Plan including recreation, environment, entertainment, and leisure

  1 2 3 4 5
Family and kid friendly events
Food Truck or food festival
Zoning overlay to promote business entertainment options
More/better restaurants
Identify pocket parks and develop implementation plan
Create a central environmental spine of ecological connectivity and resiliency such as Dudley Branch Greenway
Plan for Age in Place services such as senior yoga, community swimming pool access, senior wine night
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