Regenerating Solutions, Disaster And Technology Assessment Plan (DATA Plan)

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Thank you for taking the time to answer a short survey of your disaster recovery needs and your current process. Plan on spending about 15 minutes to complete the questions and you may need to ask others in your organization for some of the responses. The responses from this survey will assist ReGen in providing you with a robust business continuity plan that will minimize the downtime and impact on your company in the event of a system outage or complete failure.

* 1. How important is data recovery to your business?

* 2. How confident are you in the current process to recover files from your backup?

* 3. How confident are you in the current process to recover a system with your current process?

* 4. How often do you verify that your backup process is successful?

* 5. What is the expected down time for a failed system?

* 6. How many business users do your systems support?

* 7. Has anything changed to your business which is making disaster recovery a priority now?

* 8. How much data is on your critical servers that needs to be archived?

* 9. How often are you backing up the current systems?

* 10. How long does it take you to recover a file?

* 11. Do you have an onsite (local) copy of the file and system backups?

* 12. Do you have an offsite or cloud copy of the files and systems?

* 13. In a perfect world what does your business users expect from an outage in terms of time without the systems?

* 14. Why now? What is the sense of urgency to implement a better disaster recovery process?

* 15. What else is important for us to know before we have our next conversation?

* 16. Provide your contact information to have a representative contact you to discuss your D.A.T.A. results.