Tell us more about Raynham's Culture!

The Master Plan Project team put together a list of significant Historic Places, Open Spaces, Events, and Businesses as a starting point for the Master Plan’s “Cultural Inventory.” Many Master Plans include similar lists of sites or events that the community is proud of and wants to celebrate and support with their plan.

Please take a moment to review the list and select those that you believe belong in Raynham's Cultural Inventory. If we missed any part of Raynham's culture in these categories, let us know in the last section of the survey. And, if there are things you'd like to see become a part of Raynham's history you'll be able to enter comments and other suggestions for the inventory.

This is not meant to be exhaustive; rather, like many features of a Master Plan, it’s a starting point for a concrete discussion designed to guide public policy and make priorities more clear.

Don't forget to add your own sites or events at the end of the survey!