Ravenswood is a great place to be because of the collective skill and contribution of people like you. Please let us know how you would like to help.

Event Planner

* 1. I love bringing people together. I want to partner with others to plan a fundraising or social event. I will have fun seeing through the logistics.

Events I am interested in:

Manual Labor

* 2. I can help maintain the grounds of Ravenswood, build sets for drama or lend a hand, hammer or drill.

Classroom Volunteer

* 3. I like helping families stay informed and would love to help my child's teacher. I am willing to help as needed in this area.


* 4. I enjoy stringing words together to keep people informed. I would like to do something from home. I have a background in writing or graphic design or willing to learn.


* 5. I can help solicit from businesses donations for auctions, free items for events or ask to sponsor a Ravenswood event. I am willing to research grants.

Unique Talents

* 6. DD - Is there a skill you have that you don't see listed? Let us know what it is and we will be happy to find an area that needs your expertise.

On-site Volunteer / Crowd Control

* 7. I would like to work with the students while I volunteer in the school for daily activities or special events.

Event volunteer for “day of “ help

Interested in Other Groups?

* 8. Is another group of interest? We will connect you.


* 9. I can help out.  Let me make sure you know the best times I can pitch in:

Additional Information

* 10. How may we get in touch with you?

* 11. Children at Ravenswood