STEM CONTEST 2013 Bio-Chemistry Website Category

37 iPad Mini will be given as awards in website categories
Formula for website final points to win the award = A x B + C + 2 x D

A = Number of votes for the website
B = Average Rating for the website
C = Number of views for the YouTube movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website
D = Number of likes for the YouTube movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website (dislikes will not be taken into consideration)

A should be less than or equal to 3 times C , if not A=3C.
C and D numbers will be counted after 1st November 2012

Question Title

* Choose your favorite website or rate them.You may rate all , some or any of the weblinks.

  My Favorite ! One of the bests! (5 points) Fantastic ! (4 points) Good Job ! (3 points)
Alcohol Fermentation - Jasmine Walia
Eye Disease - Maya Perez
Exercise,CO2,and repiration - Kimberlyjo Bedolla
Plant and Animals cells - Aimen Azeemuddin
Artery - Yukary Ipana
Basic Column Chromotagraphy - James Medrano
Bess Bugs - ali alghamdi
Bubbling Lava Lamp - Warda Khan
Bullfrog Dissection - Emiliano Del Rio
Candle Without Touching a Flame - Yue Wang
Chemistry Of Halloween - Idaly Talamantes
Colorful Electrolysis - Talha Shahzad
Dissection of a Bullfrog - Aya Iqab
Easy View Protozoa - James Garlow
Fat Loss Monitor - Lille Farmer
Floating Tin Sponge - Aiman Siddiqui
Gel Electophorsis - Sofia Campos
Glo Germ - Daniel Urrutia
Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming - Brandon Alarcon
Heart Function and Blood Circulation - Gabriel Ramirez
Heart Model - Safal Lamsal
How the Ear Functions - Darek Peterson
How the eye functions - Otila Garza
Iodine Clock Reaction - Abraham Khan
Iodine Clock Reaction - Paras Arora
Jelly Marbles - Maria Cardona
Joints and Sockets - Julian Negreter
Lung inflation - Caitlin Cook
Making Yogurt - Yeman Shalabi
Mitosis Manipulator - Yamilette Pina
Old Foamy - Jacqueline Martinez
Onion Mitosis - MARI URAN
Onion Mitosis - Victoria Jameson
Osmosis - Gabriela Ortega
Polyurethane Foam - Trinity Demers
Rat Dissection - Ethan Cabrera
Reproduction and Chromosomes - Miranda Perez
Rubber Egg - Ana Gonzales
Secondhand Smoke - Monica Castro
Secondhand Smoke - Joslyn Boudreaux
Sheep Organ Dissection - Benjamin Thomas
Sight and Sound - Genesis campos
Sponge Tin Experiment - Amaya King
Strawberry DNA Extraction - Stephen Flores
Student Wet Spirometer - Ezekiel Garcia
Study Of Cell - Alexander Flores
Termite Environment - Autumn Perez
The consequences of drug abuse - Larry Lockhart
The yellow and blue Switcheroo - Edwin Chavez
Tidy Bowl Experiment - Vanessa Nsidinanya
Color Changing Milk - Andrea Gutierrez
The Human Eye - Anh Truong Huynh
Blow it Up - Natalyn Trinh
Is Yeast Alive? - Cassie Carnine
Elephant Toothpaste - Jisha John
ABO-RH Blood Typing - Lojen Sureshkumar
Instant Worm - Crystal Orazu
ABO Blood Group System - Anthony Garcia
Lung Model - Prashansa Udash
DNA Necklace - Sharon Park
A Study of Diffusion - Christina Molina
Human Reflexes - Xavier Menjares
Elephant Toothpaste - Jocelyn Thomas