STEM CONTEST 2013 Physics Website Category

37 iPad Mini will be given as awards in website categories
Formula for website final points to win the award = A x B + C + 2 x D

A = Number of votes for the website
B = Average Rating for the website
C = Number of views for the YouTube movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website
D = Number of likes for the YouTube movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website (dislikes will not be taken into consideration)

A should be less than or equal to 3 times C , if not A=3C.
C and D numbers will be counted after 1st November 2012

Question Title

* Choose your favorite website or rate them.You may rate all , some or any of the weblinks.

  My Favorite ! One of the bests! (5 points) Fantastic ! (4 points) Good Job ! (3 points)
Disappearing Money - Nahide Karabag
Resonance - Eric Roose
Chaldni Plate - Abraham Pardo
Spinning Bottle - Jose Meza
Spinning Top - Andrea Gutierrez
Touch the Bulb - Haylee Barraza
Roller Coaster - Evelyn Holguin
Bed of Nails - Cessna Ramirez
Bike Wheel Gyroscope - Parisa Maesumi
Anti-Gravity Mirror - Anca Andrei
Gravity Tubes - Loren Whitman
Sound Tubes - Jacob Stewart
Resounding Frogs - Jenny Smith
Can Crush - Edrianna Ablola
Smoke Ring - Farhad Bostani
Can Crush - Alies Catedral
Bed Of Nails - Cessna Ramirez
Surface Tension - Skylar Winford
Newton's Cradle - Brandon Loupe
The Drinking Bird and Hand Boiler - Karla Salamanca
Dropper Popper - Destiny Foree
Tesla Coil Visualizer - Jasio Santillan
Permanent Magnet Motor - Miguel Valdez
Toro flux - Carlos Carrillo
Aquajet - David Lopez
Mousetrap Car - Jasio Santillan
Gauss Linear Accelerator - Leiland Eskew
Compression Igniter - Luis Ong
Center of Mass - Farris Khammash
Infinity Mirrors - Victoria Rosuello
Singing Glasses - Mirella Velazquez
Plasma Ball - Vanessa Rosuello
Law of Inertia - Zaynab Jan
Balancing Nails - Henna Ali
Mystery Stick - Jorge Valencia
Smoke Ring Cannon - David Davalos
Balloon Helicopter - Faith Roland
Drinking Bird - Mary Roan
3-D Standing Wave - Everett Hooks
Singing Glasses - Gabriella Mashiah
The Anti-Gravity Mirror - Dominique Kinnardbing
Resonance Bowl - Andrew Nguyen
Singing Glasses - Aia Arief
Boiling Water With Vacuum Pump - Tracey Crosby
Solar Bag - Pearl Ugunna Ibeh
Magnetic Accelerator - Edwin Guevera
Harmony Butterflies - Dena Moghtader
Rotating Chair With Bicycle Wheel - Michaela Abam
Newton's Cradle - Saveera Jan
Drinking Bird - Tia Cooper
Eternity Flashlight - King Arthur
Disappearing Rabbit - Jesse Reyes
Water Vacuum Pump - Kurstene Sarmiento
Resonating Rods - Alparslan Oksuz
The Singing Pipe - Tahlar Rowe
The Law of Inertia - Hasan Tosun
Smoke Ring/ Air Zooka - Karla Caballero
Center of Mass Demonstrations - Isai villanueva
Resonance - Esha Shanila
Gyroscope - Alisha Mohammed
Wimshurst Machine & Thermoelectric Converter - Bibiana Mendez
Can Cruch - Quinten Johnson
Pasma Ball - Chassadee Barnes
Levitating Globe - Danielle Garza
Van Der Graff Generator - Dallas Arce
Bending the Light - Maria Garza
Static electricity - Stephen Declurez
Bed of Nails - Nelida Sainz
Rocket Car - Axel Garcia
Euler's disk - Daniel ridgway
Kaleidoscope - Meryem Keskin
Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope - Jennifer caoballer
Waves - Shamaan Casey
Newton Tube - lexa Gomez
Resonance - Shanila Esha Mohammed
Inertia - Nicholas webb
Anti-Gravity Mirror - Eliud Conteras
Gravity Tubes - Yazmen Barnes
Dissapearing Rabbit - Colleen Mccrary
Rubens Tube - Seth Martin
Centrifugal Force - Francisco Ruiz
Infinity Mirrors - Isis Zamora
Tornado in a Bottle - Isis Zamora
Electrostatic levitation - Aleksander Corona
The Cool Pendulum - Jose Perez
Thermal water Heater - Evelyn Holguin
Spring Ladder - Aileen Gonzalez
Hovercraft - Carlos Vela
Spring Ladder - Cristian Briseno
Mini Hovercraft - Fabiola Lozano
Singing Glasses - Francisco Yoshimoto
Bed of Nails - Sonia Tapscott
Bicycle Gyroscope - Jose Perez