As an IT Manager, the best way to protect yourself, your users and your business against Ransomware is by setting up a proactive defence strategy.
Get your Ransomware Defence Score now by answering these 7 quick questions that rate the security & strength of your Ransomware Battle Plan.

* 1. Your details:

* 2. Is your data safe? How do you backup end user laptop & desktop data?

* 3. Are you up to date? How often do you check for updates and ensure that your users aren't running outdated Operating Systems or software with known vulnerabilities?

* 4. Has your IT Department sent out an email to all users regarding Ransomware, or given all users a single educational document with Ransomware warnings and precautionary measures. 

We have a free printable PDF you can share within your organisation that explains Ransomware, and outlines what users can do and should be aware of to protect themselves from Ransomware.
Download the Ransomware 101 For Users - Printable PDF Here

* 5. How do you manage User Passwords in your organisation?

* 6. How effective are your company Security Controls?

* 7. How effective & secure is your business endpoint data protection?

Never get held to Ransom with effective, automated endpoint data backups.

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