* 1. Did you view the recorded lecture on " Using Laboratory Information to Improve Outcomes and Control Cost of Care" by Ran Whitehead AFTER January 24, 2017?

* 2. The use of laboratory information can have a significant impact on other downstream costs in the healthcare delivery system.

* 3. Medication Réconciliation done in the hospital setting accounts for all the medications a patient is taking.

* 4. Physicians are adhering to national guidelines for ordering pap smears and HPV testing.

* 5. How many people die each day from opioid related overdoses?

* 6. Reimbursement for lab services is expected to decline beginning in 2018 by how much

* 7. Value is measured by the following equation

* 8. What is your first and last name as you would like them to appear on your PACE certificate?

* 9. What is your email address so that I may send you your PACE credit certificate?