The survey is for people who identify as gender and/or sexuality diverse (Rainbow* or LGBTIQ) regarding Rainbow-focused services in post-earthquake Canterbury.

*Rainbow is an umbrella term used in this survey to include all diverse identities and sexualities.

All answers given are anonymous and confidential. We really appreciate you taking the time to answer the survey and give us feedback.

The survey was developed by the Women’s Centre with funding from the Rule Foundation and the Tindall Foundation.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to answer.

* 1. What Rainbow services are you aware of that are currently available in Canterbury? Select all that apply.

* 2. Which of the following Rainbow services do you feel are important to have on offer in Canterbury? Select all that apply.

* 3. If applicable, what Rainbow services did you use before the earthquakes that are no longer available in Canterbury?

* 4. How and where do you find out about things that are on for the Rainbow community? Select all that apply.

* 5. It is very important for me to have friends in the Rainbow community. Please select one option.

* 6. How important is it to you that there are events and/or spaces for the Rainbow community?  Please select one option.

* 7. Do you wish to grow your community of Rainbow friends? Please select one option.

* 8. What are some of the reasons you would go to a Rainbow event? Select all that apply.

* 9. Thinking about your own participation in Rainbow services and/or events, which of the following things could be a barrier for you. Select all that apply.

* 10. How safe in your gender identity and/or sexual orientation do you feel in the following environments:

  Very safe Mostly safe Neither safe or unsafe I often feel unsafe I feel unsafe I am not 'out' Not applicable
At home
At work
Social circles
Health and/or social services
Cultural events
Out and about in the wider community

* 11. How often do you experience feelings of discrimination and/or exclusion in your day to day life? Select one option.

* 12. Were you aware of the Women’s Centre, in Christchurch, previously? Select one option.

* 13. Which of the following current free or low-cost services and facilities offered by the Women’s Centre would be of use to you? Select all that apply.

* 14. If applicable, are there any other services and/or courses (not listed in question 13) that you would consider attending if on offer at the Women’s Centre?

* 15. How do you identify?

* 16. Do you consider yourself to be...

* 17. What age bracket are you in? Select one option.

* 18. Which ethnic group do you belong to? Select all that apply to you.

* 19. Other comments or suggestions about Rainbow services in Canterbury or this survey?