Event Description and Sign-up Terms
Please read in entirety before signing up for a rain barrel

UPDATE: We are in the waitlist as of March 23. We'll notify via email of status.

Aquidneck Land Trust (ALT), Clean Ocean Access (COA), and the Green Infrastructure Coalition will be providing approximately 130 FREE rain barrels to the Aquidneck Island Community as part of the Aquidneck Island Rain Barrel Fest on Saturday, April 28th at First Beach in Newport from 9am to noon. Rain barrels are just one example of what you can do at your own home to conserve water and improve local water quality on Aquidneck Island. When installed, rain barrels capture water from your roof/gutter and collect the water for later use while reducing stormwater run-off into storm drains.  This program was generously funded by the RI Foundation, with supplemental barrels provided by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation.

At the event we will have coffee/snacks, rain barrel installation demonstrations, information on water quality initiatives, and some family-friendly beach games. Local art classes from Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth are decorating ~20 barrels as well, which will be on display at the event.
Rain barrels are 60 gallons and come with a cap, spigot, and holes already drilled, and are purchased from the Great American Rain Barrel Company. Once our RSVP cap is reached, we will establish a waitlist in case there are cancellations or if someone does not pick up their barrel at the event.
While we will not be able to install barrels for participants, we will have rain barrel installation demonstrations and staff at the event to answer questions on how to install the rain barrel and how to connect it to your gutter. We are also offering free gutter diverters as part of this event. A typical rain barrel installation is fairly simple, but requires level ground (raising barrel above-ground optional), space for the barrel in front of your gutter, and a hacksaw (~$5) to cut your gutter to make room for the diverter. See installation videos here. A local contractor could also install the barrel for you. If you or a friend will not be able to install the barrel on your property, and you do not plan to hire a contractor to install it, please do not reserve a barrel. We want to make sure these barrels are installed and working in the community, not sitting in someone's garage unused!
Reservations will be cancelled if: (1) You do not pick up the rain barrel at the April 28th event by noon or you (2) provide inaccurate/incomplete addresses or contact information. Rain barrels for this program are for Aquidneck Island residents only, one per household please. By reserving a barrel you are agreeing to pick up the barrel on April 28th at the event between 9am and noon, install the barrel at your property by May 19th, and send a picture to ALT and COA of the installed barrel. 
Questions? Contact ALT at 401-849-2799 or email us at info@ailt.org

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* 5. In addition to a rain barrel, we will have Save the Rain gutter diverters available, as shown in this video.These can only be installed into a standard 2 x 3 inch gutter and require the gutter to be cut. The rain barrel must be placed in front of the gutter as shown. We will demonstrate how to install at the event.

* 6. There are a limited supply of rain barrels and we want to make sure the impact of this project is maximized and all the barrels are installed! I have read the above event description and by reserving a rain barrel here, I understand I am agreeing to:

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  • For more info on Aquidneck Land Trust go to www.ailt.org or email us at info@ailt.org
  • For more info on Clean Ocean Access go to www.cleanoceanaccess.org or email us at info@cleanoceanaccess.org