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Radiation Personal Protection Equipment: Surgeons’ Conceptions and Misconceptions
Randall D. Madison M.D., Stephen Kottmeier M.D., Paul Tornetta III M.D.

Fluoroscopy is a valuable, if not indispensable, tool in the armamentarium of an orthopedic surgeon. As minimally invasive techniques become more prevalent, so too does the need for fluoroscopy. An increase in the number of fluoroscopic procedures means increased occupational exposure for orthopedic surgeons.

Our concern is that orthopedic surgeons are not well versed with regard to the finer aspects of radiation personal protective equipment. It is our feeling that residents and surgeons may not understand their options when it comes to protective equipment and may rely on their institution to provide it, the adequacy of which may be unknown.

This survey aims to find out what surgeons know and to find out what limitations there may be in their knowledge.
You will be asked to identify your level of training and the state in which you work or train.

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