1. What is Prediabetes?

Test your knowledge about prediabetes and its relationship with diabetes. Answers shown after the quiz is completed.

* 1. What is prediabetes?

* 2. What else is prediabetes called?

* 3. According to the American Diabetic Association, if you have prediabetes you should be checked every:

* 4. Can prediabetics drink alcohol? 

* 5. The medical name for diabetes is?

* 6. How many minutes of brisk physical activity per week has been shown to help reduce the risk for pre-diabetes and diabetes?

* 7. How much weight loss has been shown to help reduce the risk of prediabetes or diabetes?

* 8. An A1c test is a method for diagnosing prediabetes. What blood sugar value would indicate prediabetes?

* 9. What are some signs & symptoms of prediabetes?

* 10. Adults diagnosed with diabetes AND an A1c level test of at least 7% were how many times more likely to be hospitalized?