* 1. What is Your Gender? 

* 2. What is your age range?

* 3. In the box below, please tell us which service you attend (8:00 am or 10:00 am, or both-- depending upon the week).  On another line, please let us know how often you attend services, no matter which one you go to (frequently, semi-frequently, or rarely).

* 4. If you have children in the house, how old are they?

* 5. How important are various aspects of the worship service?

  Important Neutral Not Important
Service you attend (Rite 1 or Rite II)
A  good sermon
Fellowship and worship with others
Service oriented toward children
Traditional Music
More contemporary music
Keeping service to one hour or less
Service length doesn't bother me

* 6. When St. Michael's names a new Rector, what qualities would you like that person to possess?

  Important Neutral Not Important 
Involves lay leadership in planning
Makes informed decisions and is flexible
Is an active participant in diocesan and region-wide activities 
Supports the mission of the Episcopal Church
Develops fellowship and a strong sense of community among members
Actively seeks to bring new members into St. Michael's
Visits those sick and homebound
Responds with pastoral care to parishioners during significant points in their lives (birth,death, career success/loss, divorce, serious illness)
Is a recognized theologian and very knowledgeable in scripture/theology
Addresses contemporary ideas and issues
Is thought-provoking and challenging
Develops and supports Christian education for children
Develops and supports Christian education for adults 
Is involved in the Arlington Community/Westover neighborhood with issues of importance
Is involved in issues of social justice

* 7. In your mind, please rank what makes a good sermon.

  Important Neutral  Not Important
Sets forth a clear faith position as a guide for making decisions rooted in living a faithful life
Touches on living everyday life
Delivered from pulpit
Delivered from another location
Read in its entirety from paper
Is spoken extemporaneously with an outline
Is based on the Bible and makes me reflect on the larger communithy
Challenges my thinking
Comforts and reassures me
Is spiritually moving
Is skillfully delivered

* 8. Name the three things you value most about the St. Michael's Community.

* 9. What qualities do you want to see most in a Rector at St. Michael's?

* 10. What would you want a new Rector to know about St. Michael's?