The National Inclusion Project Gala

Hello from the Gala Committee of The National Inclusion Project!   We are busy working on our plans for the 15th Anniversary  - National Inclusion Project Champions Gala!  It’s a big year and we want this to be an exciting event!

At the last Gala, Clay Aiken said that if we can sell a certain amount of tickets this year, he will perform the entire set list of his successful Independent Tour. Now wouldn’t that be fun!  But we need your HELP!  Would you answer a few questions for us to help make this Gala special?  We want this celebration to be the best yet

* 1. If Clay would perform the concert and we were to lower the ticket price........ would you attend the Gala?

* 2. Please rank your preference of the following venue locations for the Gala (We will use this for future events too!)

* 3. If you are interested in going to the Gala this year and don't care where it is, click below

* 4. Thank you for your help! WOW! Think how much fun we can have this year!