Volunteer Sign Up for NO on Prop A

We've all heard the pitch so lets cut to the chase -

Carlsbad's fate will be decided on February 23rd.

Everything we've worked for comes down to these final days before the election and how many people we can get to turn out on E-day. Help us keep things organized and make the best use of your time by signing up to volunteer below. Let's show Caruso that our vote matters!!

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* 4. Please check when you're available to volunteer. Everything helps!

  Wednesday, Feb 17th Thursday, Feb 18th Friday, Feb 19th Saturday, Feb 20th Sunday, Feb 21st Monday, Feb 22nd Tuesday, Feb 23rd - ELECTION DAY
After 8pm
6am-11am (election day)
We understand life happens, if your schedule changes please call/text Becca Taylor at (850) 206-4043 or by email at becca.taylor85@gmail.com
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