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Hello Prospective Bend Rapids Coaches,

Welcome - I hope everyone had a great 4th of July (long weekend?)!

Dryland Training
As many of you know, the 2019-20 Rapids season kicked off last night with our first dryland training session at the Pavilion. These sessions will run for the next seven Wednesdays (ending on August 28th) from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at the Pavilion. The cost is $10 per player per session.

Coaching Committee
As you may have heard, Jim Boss, Bend Rapids President, has implemented a new Coaching Committee for this season consisting of four members. As the new Coaching Director leading this committee, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I grew up in Toronto and have been playing hockey since I was 8. At 16, I starting teaching 5-6 year olds to skate through Tim Horton’s Timbits program. Since then, I’ve coached athletes of all ages and levels up to and including University, across a variety of sports. Moving to Bend almost 2 years ago reintroduced me to hockey, from which I had taken a hiatus; and, I’m super excited to be involved in the growing Bend Rapids hockey community. We're very fortunate to have Mike Ahlman on our committee and will benefit greatly from all his institutional knowledge and coaching expertise. We are equally excited to have Cameron Stalnaker and Matt Greenlaw on the committee. Both bring extensive hockey and coaching experience and will be great assets to the community.

Coaching Application
Every year the Bend Rapids are fortunate to have a group of volunteers coach the youth who participate in our program. This season we are implementing an online coaching application process. We welcome applicants from all levels of experience and backgrounds. Before the season, the coaching staff will be carefully selected by the committee to make sure each individual is paired with the age/development level best suited to his/her skill level.

Additional Requirements
In addition to the coaching application form, all coaches must have the following prior to the season's first practice in order to be eligible:

1. Complete USA Hockey membership (Register for the current season as a coach)

2. Register for and complete USA Hockey CEP Level training (must be completed each season, depending on your certification level)

3. Complete SafeSport training (Effective for 2019-2020, this is now required annually). You must have a USA Hockey confirmation number as SafeSport registration will ask you for a "Confirmation Number".

4. Complete a background check (Effective for 2019-2020, new background company TBD). The GOOD DEED CODE for Oregon State Hockey Association (OSHA) is 9mxa215.

Our volunteer coaches are supported by the Rapids Coaching Director and Coaching Committee, the Rapids Steering Committee and their respective team managers.

Thank you for your time and all the effort you put into supporting the kids in our program and the organization. - Let's Play Hockey - Go Rapids!

Norm Norris, Bend Rapids Coaching Director

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* 1. Tell us about you

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* 2. What is your current USA Hockey CEP certification level?

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* 3. Would you like to coach for the 2019-2020 season?

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* 4. Which levels do you prefer to coach? (1 = first preference, 2 = second, ... 5 = least preferred)

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* 5. List coaching position preference:

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* 6. Explain your reasoning for selecting the above preference including your qualifications:

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* 7. Have you coached a checking ice hockey team before?

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* 8. Please list any coach(es) with whom you would like to coach, if any:

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* 9. Please list any of your children that will be playing with the Rapids this season and the level they will play:

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* 10. APPLICATION DEADLINE: The deadline for 2019-2020 coaching applications is now open on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

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