1. Cruise Chics survey

Please take a brief moment to answer these few questions about a women's retreat/girls getaway.
Please take the quiz by July 15th and you will be entered into a drawing for a
$25 Macys gift card.

* 1. What do you feel is the ideal month for Cruise Chics?

* 2. How long would the ideal Cruise Chics cruise/retreat be?

* 3. What places would you like to visit on Cruise Chics?

* 4. What port do you prefer to go out of?

* 5. In making a decision to come on Cruise Chics, rate the order of importance each area played.

1 2 3 4
(low importance)(high importance)

Artist/Speakers onboard
Location the cruise left out of
Places the cruise went to
Length of the cruise

* 6. If the price of Cruise Chics cruise/retreat was more than this, I would not be able to afford to come( even with payment plans)...

* 7. If you have not come on Cruise Chics yet, what has kept you from joining us?

* 8. Have you been to either of these Cruise Chics media areas?
(Click all the apply)

* 9. Name:

* 10. Email: