From the feedback received from three meetings of a Malham village working group held so far and a survey of Malham residents’ views it is apparent that businesses feel that they are chasing diminishing returns and that visitor numbers and financial spend in the village is decreasing. The National Trust are keen to work together with local businesses and the community to address this.

This short survey is for people who live and work in Malhamdale to share their thoughts and ideas. Copies of the previous meeting minutes and the results of this survey, which will be made anonymous, will be made available to the public.

If you would like to be involved in developing a strategy for tourism in Malhamdale or would just like to be kept abreast of future meetings and updates, please provide an email address or telephone number.

Martin Davies
Property Manager - national trust malham site

* 1. Do you think something should be done to promote Malham village long term..?

* 2. What would be your 'vision' for the village..?

* 3. Do you see the national trust’s involvement as positive thing in helping this happen..?

* 4. Do you agree with any/all of the practical suggestions from the Malham meeting (please tick any you think would be good)

* 5. Are you positive about the future of the village..?

* 6. Any other ideas, questions or comments at this stage..?