* 1. Is your child happy to attend the ACE after school program?

* 2. Does your child finish homework before coming home after the ACE program?

* 3. Does your child do better on TAKS or STAAR tests since your child attends the ACE after school program?

* 4. Are your child's grades improving?

* 5. How much attention does your child receive from the ACE after school teachers?

* 6. How safe does your child feel during the ACE after school program?

* 7. How helpful has the ACE Program been for your child?

* 8. How helpful is the ACE after school program for your family?

* 9. What suggestions do you have for improving this program? Would you be willing to serve on the task force for the ACE after school program?

* 10. The Task Force Committee will meet at your campus once a semester to discuss issues and/or ideas for improvement of the ACE program.  It will be a time to discuss ACE program and campus goals then collaborate with community members and administration on how to reach those goals utilizing ACE resources.  Will you serve on the Task Force Committee?

* 11. If you answered yes to question 10, please add your



Phone Number

In the comment box below.