Members of the Global Financial Community with an interest in the energy industry,

From June 25-29, 2018, the World Gas Conference (WGC) will be held in Washington, DC.  The WGC is the largest gas industry event in the world.  It is conducted only every three years and moves around the globe.  It has not been hosted in the USA since 1988, and it will likely be decades before it is again held in the United States.  The conference will:
  • Host ~10,000 attendees representing all segments of the global gas industry, as well as policy makers, NGOs, customers, think tanks, the financial community and others. 
  • Feature over 500 speakers including the CEOs of virtually all major energy companies discussing the most timely and topical strategic, commercial and technical issues in the industry. 
  • Feature the latest in technology across the gas industry value chain in a 40,000 square meter exhibit hall.
The conference will also include the first ever WGC Financial Forum, whereby members of the financial community will be able to arrange one-on-one meetings with many of the companies participating at the WGC.  

You can find the latest information on WGC at

Because we are very interested in active participation in the WGC Financial Forum by the financial community, we would greatly appreciate you providing us with the answers to the following five questions by October 31

* 3. Are there other issues of importance that you would like speakers to address at the WGC?

* 4. What specific industry spokespersons would be of most interest to you as keynote speakers at WGC 2018?

* 5. In developing WGC 2018, what else would you recommend the event organizers consider so that it successfully addresses the needs of the financial community attendees?