Education policymakers close to the Trump Administration indicate that the White House will propose significantly reducing or perhaps even eliminating Title II, Part A funds. More than $2 billion could be cut from the Fund for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning, which is the primary source of existing and future efforts to support ongoing, job-embedded professional learning including coaching and mentoring, personalized professional learning experiences, and educator leadership development.

Learning Forward is collecting data about professional learning that can be attributed to federal funding to help policymakers understand the impact of this critical program. Please take this brief survey about how you use Title II funds to support professional learning that leads to greater success for students.

* 1. How do you use Title ll, Part A funds in your state/district/school? To fund (select all that apply):

* 2. Please describe at least one specific impact of Title ll, Part A funds in your state/district and/or schools? Be as specific with outcomes as possible. Evidence of its impact on student learning will be most compelling to Congress. Example: Title II, Part A provides the salaries for 22 full-time school-based instructional coaches at our K-6 schools. The coaches support and foster excellence for every teacher (660) in each school and help to design, facilitate, and implement standards-aligned instructional strategies by regularly observing, giving feedback, and encouraging teachers to continue to practice new skills. Early results on a nationally normed assessment indicate that 3rd- and 6th- grade students demonstrated a year’s growth within five months of instruction supported by intentionally designed professional learning and coaching support.

* 3. Why are Title ll, Part A funds important to advance priorities in your state, district and/or schools? 

* 4. U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District (Look up your district/representative here:

* 5. Please share your contact information so we may follow up as we implement this advocacy effort.