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1. Please choose your Royal College

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2. Medical Royal Colleges play a vital role in patient advocacy as well as ensuring
training and education standards in medicine are of the highest quality.
These standards are under threat from the latest legislation being foisted upon the English NHS.
This legislation will force local commissioners to put services out to tender in the
full marketplace - even when they do not wish to do so.
The reality is that commissioners will have no choice but to tender almost all services,
thus accelerating further privatisation of the English NHS.

The House of Lords are having a vital debate on April 24th when they will be
able to vote for the secondary legislation to be withdrawn.
Doctors who are members of a Medical Royal College can sign their name below
to lobby their own College (and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges) asking
them to speak out and call for the amended regulations to be withdrawn.
Pressure from the Royal Colleges is vital if we are to avoid incalculable damage to the English NHS.

Many thanks indeed
Dr David Wrigley