(BWL Points Take 2)

We would like people to vote on the following options. 
After the last poll and much discussion we have come up with two different choices as we will NOT be overhauling the system at this time.
Choice 1: Pooled Points
  • No Change in Points
  • Points are carried and used for both MC and BWL

Choice 2:
Split Points
  • BLW 0 points day 1
  • Attend BWL-Gain points for BWL
  • Attend MC-Gain points in MC and BWL
  • Spend points on an MC item, drain MC points
  • DRogues can use BWL Weapon points for MC Daggers

Question Title

* 1. How would you like points to be handled in Phase 3

Pooled Points Choose One! Split Points
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 2. Any Questions that need clarification?

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