LMM LEAD Application for 2012

• A one-year leadership experience to equip young men to create Christ-centered, catalytic community for other young men.
• The world is changing. And young men (18-34) are not connecting in general with many current forms of church. From many young men having poor impressions of Christians to them being completely indifferent to the way of Jesus, we have a problem. Change needs to happen. And we need young men who can lead that change. Hence, LMM Lead.

What will happen?
• You will be part of a cohort of 8-12 other young men from around the U.S. from Spring 2012 to Spring 2013.
• You will meet in person with this group 3 times: March, October, and March ( Travel and lodging expenses paid and meals covered in host city).
• You will participate in monthly conference calls with your cohort.
• You will experience a proven course of action that will equip you to lead and live into God’s purposes for you.
• You will develop relationships with other young leaders and also the Board of Directors for Lutheran Men in Mission, a national men’s ministry.

Topics Covered
• Current Conditions: Are we Christian?
• So where do we go from here? The Future of Church
• Religion vs. A Way of Life
• Living Life Together: The Art of Community
• Exploring Identity in Christ: Becoming Who You Are
• Taking Initiative for the Sake of Others: The Adventure of Risk
• Failure and Living Life Honestly
• Asking Good Questions and Leading a Catalytic Community

By the end…
• You will have a network of trusted leaders from around the country.
• You will have an understanding of the changing world and the need to re-imagine church.
• You will develop rhythms of Christ-centered living that can be easily passed on to others.
• You will develop practical leadership skills for missional living.

* 1. Please provide your contact information....

* 2. Why do you want to be a part of LMM Lead?

* 3. How did you hear about LEAD?

* 4. Do you have experience with any of the following?

* 5. What else are you committed to right now (work, school, family, volunteering, hobbies)?

* 6. How would you describe Jesus to someone who doesn’t know Him?

* 7. Tell us about the church you are connected to right now.

* 8. What ministry experience do you have?

* 9. Please list three references that can give insight into your unique leadership gifts and faith in Jesus

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