Survey Questions for Wildfire Mitigation Groups/Colleagues

1.Has the creation of the South Siskiyou Wildfire Mitigation Group increased collaboration between wildfire mitigation groups? What more could be done to achieve this goal?
2.Are wildfire mitigation groups effectively coordinating e.g. doing complementary projects rather than competing for the same funding sources or creating redundancy in their projects? If not, how can this be performed?
3.Between fuel reduction, defensible space, and home hardening - are fire mitigation efforts being appropriately prioritized?
4.Is there enough support and collaboration between government agencies, other than grant funders, and wildfire mitigation groups to ensure that fuel reduction treatments are effective for the long term?
5.Do you have any ideas on how we could increase the pace and scale of wildfire mitigation work in our county? Currently there is a large amount of funding/opportunities but not enough capacity to procure this funding, much less implement wildfire mitigation projects on the scale necessary to adequately protect our communities and ecosystems.
6.Is there adequate community engagement processes to ensure that low income and underserved populations are represented and served equally in wildfire mitigation projects?
7.Are residents/landowners adequately prepared for the high probability of wildfire in their communities? If not, how can we better engage them to take action?
8.What other suggestions do you have that could improve wildfire mitigation efforts in our county?