Please check a box that best reflects your experience...

* 1. Because of my interaction with a WRAP Advocate, I know more about community services.

* 2. Because of my interaction with a WRAP Advocate, I have more ways to plan for my safety.

* 3. Calling the WRAP 24 hour crisis line and/or office phone number was helpful to me.

* 4. If a WRAP Advocate helped you with an application for a Order for Protection (OFP) or Harassment Restraining Order, did you feel like you fully understood how the order worked?

* 5. I feel like I can ask an advocate if I have a question about how the legal system works.

* 6. How did you hear about our services?

* 7. Would anything have made it easier to access our services?

* 8. Is there anything we could do to improve our services?

* 9. I would recommend WRAP to someone else in a similar situation

* 10. If there anything you would like to add, such as something that has been particularly helpful, or if you would like to share your anonymous story, please share below.  Thank you!