* 1. Are you a parent, teacher, friend, etc of Moncure School?

* 2. Are you a member of the PTA?

* 3. PTA Funds are used to better Moncure School. We support both educational (programming, special events, sports, the arts, etc.) and social (dances, community events, field trips, etc.) activities, as well as provide teachers with additional finds to improve their classrooms and enrich their skills. Which areas are important to you for the PTA to support?

* 4. Did you (or your child) attend any of the following PTA-sponsored events? Please let us know what you thought of the event.

  1 - Loved it! 2 - It was okay. 3 - It was fine, but just not for me 4 - Needs some improvements. 5 - Needs major improvements.
Back to School Movie Night (September)
Fall Festival (November)
Breakfast with Santa (December)
Daddy/Daughter Dance (March)
Moncure 5K (April)
Mother/Son Event (May)

* 5. At Moncure, we try our best to stay away from individual fundraising sales, so we rely heavily on donations of your time to the thrift store as well as limited fundraisers. Did you participate in any of the following activities to support Moncure?

* 6. If you are teacher/staff at Moncure (on a scale of 1 [least helpful] to 4 [most helpful]), do you feel that the PTA is beneficial to you and helps make your job easier?

* 7. If you are parent/caregiver at Moncure (on a scale of 1 [least helpful] to 4 [most helpful]), do you feel that the PTA's contributions to the school are beneficial to your child?

* 8. What else would you like to see from the Moncure PTA? Feel free to enter any other comments here.