1. Elizabeth Wilson Award for Chapter Management

The Elizabeth Wilson Award for Chapter Management is presented to a collegiate chapter that has exhibited excellence in operational and organizational management. The ideal nominee runs efficient business meetings, fully utilizes the officer and committee structure, optimizes use of Billhighway for proficient financial management, executes effective risk reduction, and appropriately implements the Tau Honor Council, as needed.

** Additional and supporting documentation may be sent via email to awards@alphasigmatau.org. Place Wilson Award in the subject portion of the email and include the name of the nominated chapter.

* 1. Name of the Collegiate Chapter being nominated for the Elizabeth Wilson Award for Chapter Management

* 2. Name of Nominator

* 3. Please answer the following questions regarding your chapter's activities from August 2016 through the date of this application.

Describe the preparation and execution of chapter business meetings.

* 4. Describe member participation in chapter management activities. Helpful information to include: chapter officer structure, nominations and elections procedure, details of effective officer and team involvement in appropriate areas of influence, etc. 

* 5. Describe the chapter's successful use of Billhighway to manage finances. Helpful information to include: chapter budgeting procedures, use of member invoicing, time to code prepaid card transactions, member collection rate, etc. 

* 6. Describe the chapter's activities related to risk reduction.

* 7. Describe successful efforts to reduce risk and promote health and safety in the chapter. 

* 8. You may provide any additional information you think would be helpful to the awards selection team.