1. About This Survey

Welcome the latest Australian Geoscientist employment survey.

This survey covers the final quarter of 2022, from the beginning of October to the end of December.

Geoscientific skills and experience have been in strong demand.  Is this continuing?

The sentiment amongst self employed geoscientists during the final quarter of 2022 was that industry activity had fallen to a lower ebb, possibly associated with increased economic uncertainty.  This was elected by geoscientific professional service companies.  Those we spoke with reported a very quiet quarter to end the year, but signs of an upturn appeared towards the end of the quarter.  Commodity analysts appear to generally believe that fundamentals for most commodities remain strong, especially for copper, gold and battery materials.  Did the events responsible for the suspected slowdown have an impact on employment?

The first survey of every year is delayed by a few weeks to ensure that potential contributors are back to work following Christmas, New Year and the summer holiday season in Australia.

Your information is used in a manner that preserves strict privacy. The survey does not collect any personally identifiable information.  It takes only two minutes or so to complete.  

Please encourage colleagues and friends to complete the survey also.  You do not need to be an AIG member.  All geoscientists working or seeking work in Australia are encouraged to contribute.

The survey will be open for contributions until Sunday 26 February so that results can be released in early March, ahead of the first quarter 2023 survey at the end of that month. Please contribute today - every response adds to the quality of the survey results.