Application for 2017-18

Eduction for Sustainability-Philly (EfS-Philly) will support implementation of the School District of Philadelphia’s GreenFutures sustainability plan and specifically its focus on Education for Sustainability (EfS). During the 2017-18 academic year, EfS-Philly will develop and pilot a model for place-based STEM teacher leadership development in EfS. This pilot project will lay the groundwork for submitting a future grant to National Science Foundation to implement a more extensive 5-year Teacher Leadership program in Education for Sustainability.

In the pilot, 8-12 SDP high school teachers from a range of disciplines and grade levels will join with faculty from the Community College of Philadelphia to participate in 60 hours of EfS and teacher leadership focused professional development while taking part in an EfS learning community. Educators from STEM and non-STEM areas at the high school level will work together to explore whether one can increase student engagement and success in STEM when one links STEM topics to issues of social relevance, specifically environmental sustainability.
Participants will identify ways to connect issues of environmental sustainability and core Education for Sustainability (EfS) concepts with the School District of Philadelphia's Scope and Sequence for their discipline. They will produce place-based EfS-themed lessons, pilot test them in their classrooms and then engage in an assessment and revision process to refine the lessons.
Applicants must be willing to commit to the following:
  • Attending 60 hours of professional development scheduled for designated days in  August, 2017 and seven (7) Saturdays during 2017-18 school year  (EfS Teacher Leadership PD Calendar
  • Working collaboratively with other educators on development of key project products
  • Securing the support of their principal through a short written memorandum of agreement and maintaining communications with the principal throughout the year to inform them of their work (Memorandum of Support)
  • Participants receive a stipend of up to $2400 (contingent on completion of project products)
Applications by teams consisting of a STEM and Non-STEM teacher from the same school are encouraged.
Application Deadline is Monday, June 12, 2017, 5:00 pm. Selected participants will be notified of acceptance by Monday, June 19, 2017.  

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. Email

* 3. Phone number

* 4. School

* 5. School Address

* 6. School Phone number

* 7. Principal's name

* 8. Principal's Email

* 9. Subject Area/s (Applicants representing all disciplines are welcome.)

* 10. Grade level/s you teach

* 11. Please give more specifics about the grade level and subject area you teach, such as 9th grade Introduction to Biology or 11th grade Calculus.

* 12. How do you envision this experience contributing to your professional growth and enhancing the effectiveness of your teaching?

* 13. How many years of teaching experience do you have? 

* 14. Do you currently integrate topics or concepts related to environmental sustainability in your teaching?

* 15. Have you worked with outside organizations or community partners in your teaching practice?

* 16. What experience have you had with project-based or applied learning?  Please give a brief description of a project you did with your students.

* 17. What experience in teacher leadership do you have, if any? 

* 18. Are you applying as part of a STEM/Non-STEM school team?

* 19. It is our intention to apply for a 5 year grant to continue this project.  Would you be interested in taking part in that project as well should we receive the grant?