* 1. I have consulted with a medical doctor or other medical professional regarding the use of medicinal cannabis. I wish to use medicinal cannabis to treat or alleviate the symptoms of the following medical condition(s):

Code of Conduct

* 2. NO RESELLING. NO SHARING. Buds and Leaves Wellness Ltd. (Buds & Leaves) provides medicinal cannabis for you only. Any reselling or sharing of your medicinal cannabis is forbidden. If you are caught reselling any products purchased from Buds & Leaves you will be permanently banned from receiving services.

* 3. BE RESPECTFUL. Please treat our staff and other members with politeness and respect.

* 4. BE RESPONSIBLE. Please use your medicine in a safe and responsible way. Please do not smoke cannabis on our property or outside our business. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if you are impaired by cannabis.

* 5. KEEP US INFORMED. Please let us know about any quality issues you have with our products. Good or bad, please let us know how your experience was. If there’s a product that we do not currently carry, but you would like us to, please let us know – we are happy to broaden our selection to serve our members better.

* 6. SUSPENSION OF SERVICES. I understand that violation of any terms of the Code of Conduct will result in a permanent suspension of services.


* 7. IMPAIRMENT: Cannabis may potentially cause a temporary decrease in coordination and cognitive abilities, and short-term memory loss while medicated. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if impaired by cannabis products. Be especially careful of impairment when eating cannabis products or using extracts. Do not eat cannabis products before swimming or driving.

* 8. ALCOHOL: Cannabis mixed with alcohol may cause vomiting and nausea. We recommend limiting or stopping your intake of alcohol when using cannabis products.

* 9. IRRITATION: Heavy smoking with no harm reduction techniques may lead to respiratory irritation.

* 10. BLOOD PRESSURE: Initial increase in heart rate and/or blood pressure may be problematic for those with heart conditions or severe anxiety.

* 11. PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS: The use of cannabis in conjunction with prescription medications should be supervised by a medical doctor.

* 12. THE LAW: I am aware of the laws regarding marijuana sales and possession and accept the risk involved.


* 13. I accept that the Buds & Leaves makes no guarantees or medical claims, and I hereby agree for myself, my heirs and executors to waive any claims against Buds & Leaves and its employees.

* 14. I am of sound mind to make decisions regarding my health and have chosen to use cannabis as an alternative to traditional medicine and am aware of the health risks involved. You acknowledge that nothing on this form has been evaluated by Health Canada and absolve Buds & Leaves and its employees of all liability.

* 15. I have read this form and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct as stated above and I understand the Cautionary Statements as outlined above.

* 16. Phone number:

* 17. Email address:

* 18. How did you hear about Buds & Leaves?

* 19. By typing your full name below, you are confirming that all of the above information is true.

Thank you for completing the Membership Agreement. We look forward to seeing you at Buds & Leaves soon!

When you come in, please don't forget to bring valid government issued photo ID.