Hey Parents! 

How much are you paying for babysitters in your area?  Is a date night out of the budget these days?

Answer the questions below and we'll share the results with you later this month.

<3 Your Pals at Hulafrog

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* 1. Tell us about your babysitters...

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* 2. What are you struggling with most right now when it comes to your kids?  Check all that apply.

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* 3. COVID COMMUNITY UPDATE: Are you participating in the following activities with your kids/families this Fall?"

  As soon as they open Once open, as long as biz is following social distancing Not sure, need more information and guidelines on safety Not comfortable with this activity for the next few months Will avoid this activity completely for the foreseeable future
In-person classes (dance, music, art)
Indoor play places (bounce house, arcade, bowling)
Outdoor events 
Birthday parties
Dining out