1. What is your volunteer status?

2. How do you rate the orientation and training you received?

3. Do you feel that your efforts are appreciated?

4. Do you plan to continue volunteering with Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens?

5. Would you participate in a Volunteer Orientation to introduce you and others to all of the volunteer opportunities available?

6. What volunteer activities / projects for the Arboretum have you participated in?

7. Would you like to join a committee / task force to help develop and implement new projects, programs, special events, etc?

8. Our volunteer needs are diverse, so please let us know if you have specific skills and experience that you would be willing to share with us as a volunteer to include, but not limited to, administrative, public relations, fundraising, construction, education, property maintenance and improvements, etc.

9. Please use the space below to make any further comments about your experience that could help the organization improve the volunteer experience for yourself and others.

10. May we contact you? If so, please provide your contact information to include your name, phone number and email address.