Focus on the Environment

Recent surveys received through OCP process have shown that residents value protecting the environment, respecting community and building the economy. The following questions will help staff to determine policy direction and goals for future environmental management within the District. Please feel free to provide your comments and spread the word about these surveys. On November 2nd, from 2:30-7:30 p.m. a drop-in focus session will be held at SEAPARC for everyone (including children) to come and share their thoughts in a written environmental workshop. Join us!

* 1. Connectivity: Sooke needs more sidewalks, trails and transit options to get people out of vehicles and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs).

* 2. Access: The District should work to secure key public views, access to the waterfront and ecologically relevant open spaces for future generations.

* 3. Design: The District should ensure thoughtful urban and rural design with the environment in mind for new buildings, subdivisions, transportation, sewer, mobility, water etc. Early consideration of the regional watershed, wildlife corridors and native ecosystems is essential for all projects.

* 4. Safety: Improving road safety, efficient and safe building standards, public education on wildlife & wildfire should be employed to help reduce the potential for accidents and risk to the environment.

* 5. Food: The District should support local farmers and sustainable farming techniques, educate the community on buying locally produced food and thereby help to reduce GHGs.

* 6. Leadership: The District should provide leadership to the public, organizations and develop partnerships for responding to economic, ecological and cultural challenges that may impact the environment, climate change and future generations.

* 7. Affordability: The District should encourage compact housing and business parks with a variety of spaces for purchase and rent that provide affordable options causing less urban sprawl and more shared amenities.

* 8. Local: The District should support local businesses to provide more local jobs so that there is less need to commute out of town to work and more opportunity to build community resilience while reducing GHGs.

* 9. Ecosystems: The District should support and when possible become an active partner in planning, regulating and monitoring  common finite resources and species to ensure that the needs of future generations not compromised.

* 10. Culture: The District should recognize Sooke First Nation, the nature based culture of forestry, fishing and farming to help residents and visitors remember their roots and protect them for generations to come.

* 11. Infrastructure: The District should strategically plan and design efficient infrastructure hierarchies for roads, sewer, transit, communications and water service to reduce costs and environmental impacts associated with sprawl.

* 12. Everyone: The District should make local level decisions based on potential impacts to land, air and water to help sustain the environment for generations to come.

* 13. From a land use perspective, the District should manage growth in the following order of priority.

* 14. Provide additional comments below.

* 15. Thank you for your participation in this survey. Please provide your contact information if you are interesting in keeping up to date on information related to the OCP.

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Map