Starting this Fall I'm helping our missions partner, Praying Pelican Missions, get started in Tijuana and northern Baja, basically within 2 hours of the San Diego border. 

I love PPMs philosophy of ministry and I'm doing this with them because I've seen their work in other areas of the world... they are doing great short-term missions in places that have lots of history of very bad short-term missions. 

That's the point of this short survey. I'm aware that launching this initiative comes with baggage for a lot of people. As we get going in TJ/Northern Baja we want to make sure we're listening well to the hopes, questions, and concerns of people who have experienced good & bad missions in Mexico in the past so that we can make sure to avoid those pitfalls.

Likewise, as we develop partnerships with host churches I'd love to have a sense of what fellow North American churches might be interested in when it comes to partnering with a congregation in Northern Baja and the Tijuana area.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful input.  

* 1. Have you ever been to Tijuana or Northern Baja? (For any reason) 

* 3. When you think about traveling to TJ or Northern Baja what are your biggest concerns?

* 4. While in Mexico would you prefer to drive your group or be driven by professionals?

* 5. When you think about short-term missions in Northern Baja and TJ what do you think about? (Positive and negative comments welcome) 

* 6. Let's dream a little. What are outcomes you'd like to see in a partnership between a Mexican church and your church? 

* 7. As we get going in TJ/Northern Baja what are pitfalls we should avoid? 

* 8. What are opportunities we should explore? 

* 9. How interested would you be in bringing a group to TJ/Northern Baja for a week-long short-term mission trip? 

* 10. Do you want me to follow-up with you about opportunities in TJ/Northern Baja? If yes, please leave your name and email address in the box below.