SUNY Cortland Alumni Association Board of Directors
Application for Membership
A person may self-nominate or have an alumnus nominate them as a candidate for the board. Please use this form if you are self-nominating. If you would like to nominate another alumnus, please send his/her name, contact information and a brief description as to why he/she should be considered for membership to the Alumni Association Board of Directors to: If you need assistance or more information, please call the Alumni Affairs Office at (607) 753-2516.

* 1. Name

* 2. Contact information

* 3. Please write a narrative that addresses the following:
- What prompted your interest in and application to the Board
- What you would like to gain from participation on the Board
- Your proposed or potential contributions to the Board
- How your participation on the Board would impact Board activities and goals
- Type of activities you enjoy or from which you gain personal satisfaction
- Unique characteristics you possess which you could use in service to the Board

* 4. Please write a statement of purpose addressing how your participation on the Board could impact achievement of goals of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, which are as follows:
- Increase connections with Alumni
- Increase lasting relationships with Alumni to enhance the College and maintain a continual connection to the Cortland Community
- Obtain financial independence

Upon completion, please email a current resume including work history, professional accomplishments and one reference from a Cortland alumnus or individual affiliated with the College to
Thank you for applying to the SUNY Cortland Alumni Association Board of Directors. Your information will be submitted to the Nominations/Bylaws committee for consideration. We appreciate your ongoing support of SUNY Cortland!