Northern Star Application

The “Northern Stars of the Northeast” is a recognition program for Northeastern Clean Cities’ stakeholders that demonstrate a strong commitment to reducing their petroleum consumption through the implementation of various practices. The program is supported by eight Northeast Cities Coalitions including Capital District Clean Communities (NY), Empire Clean Cities (NY), Granite State Clean Cities (NH), Greater New Haven Clean Cities (CT), Maine Clean Communities, Massachusetts Clean Cities, Ocean State Clean Cities (RI), and Vermont Clean Cities.

* 1. Please provide your information below:

* 2. Are you a current and active Clean Cities Coalition (CCC) stakeholder?

* 3. Which Clean Cities Coalition (CCC) are you a current and active stakeholder of?

* 4. Have you submitted your fleet information for the CCC Annual Report?

* 5. Have you participated in or been a part of any CCC events in the past year?

* 6. Have you included alternative fuels or advanced fuel technologies in your promotional materials including on your vehicles and/or website?

* 7. What percentage of your fleet uses an alternative fuel?

* 8. Please indicate which alternative fuels are used in your fleet:

* 9. Do you have an emission reduction plan (one or more formal documents that outline a fleets plan to reduce their future and/or current petroleum use)?

* 10. Please provide one or more quotes highlighting your fleet’s commitment to alternative fuels that we could include in a future press release announcing the awards. Please be sure to include the name, title and organization of the person being quoted.

* 11. Please indicate which programs/activities exist at within your fleet: