1. See If You Need ProactiveUser Classes

These questions will help you decide if you can benefit from ProactiveUser classes. I have added two more questions since not one respondent in 10 months answered more the 50% correctly. (You need 5 out of 7 to be considered a ProactiveUser)


* 1. You are on your way to a meeting when your portable computer starts making a repetitive clicking sound when started, everything you need is on the portable (including your backups). You have no off site backups because you wanted to save time. What do you do?

* 2. You startup your Internet and find that you are constantly loosing connections. What would you do?

* 3. You arrive home from work and find your family pet "Pete" the Pit Bull has pulled the power supply from your portable into his crate and chewed the A/C wire until it shorted the
house breaker at the same time he decided to see if the power supply tasted good. Combine this with the fact you have presentation in the AM. What do you do?

* 4. After working all night on a floor plan you notice you can no longer load the main file or the older reference files. What do you do?

* 5. As you start your daily work you notice your portable has a screen on it saying that updates are being installed and system is still making the clicking sound. It also act's very slow when you start any program. What do you do?

* 6. You like to travel light and carry nothing with you but a "NETBOOK" when on the road. The problem is how do you recover your operating system and programs on such a device? (considering you do not carry a power supply or external drive for daily travel)

* 7. What are the steps you should take before making a new image for the first time? (take care to note the order)

ANSWERS CAN BE FOUND AT: http://www.proactiveuser.com/?page_id=393