Consent Disclosure Statement

Hello! Welcome to the study, FARIS: Food Allergy, Racial-ethnic Identity and food inSecurity. Please carefully read the information below before you click on “Next.”
This research study was developed by food allergy researchers and Food Allergy Canada, who want to learn more about food allergy, and racial-ethnic identity, healthcare access and food insecurity. We hope you will take 15-30 minutes to answer some questions.
To get started:
·       This study is open to families who have a child under age 18 years, who have an allergy to at least one food.   
You are not eligible to participate if your child does not have a food allergy.
A bit of background:
Approximately 6% of children have food allergy. These children must avoid the food(s) to which they are allergic, and be prepared at all times to manage an allergic reaction. Although food allergy is more common than before, to date, there has been very limited consideration to differences in food allergy phenotype by race and ethnicity. As a result, little is known about food allergy phenotypes and management amongst different racial-ethnic groups. Food allergy is also associated with higher food costs. As a result, we want to also consider if families with a child with food allergy had challenges affording or buying food.
What we hope to do:
To address the current knowledge gaps, we are running a study to understand if racial-ethnic groups are differentially impacted by food allergy, including access to care and buying food.
What we will do with the information:
We will pool, then analyse all of the data from this study. The results will give us a sense of families’ experiences with food allergy.  
By completing this survey, it is assumed that you consent to take part. We have no way of identifying who you are, as we never ask your name, phone number, email address, social insurance number or any other information that could possibly identify you.
Data will be stored on a secure server at the University of Manitoba for 7 years after the publication of this study.
Do I have to participate?
Not at all. You decide if you want to participate or not. If you have read this far and decide to not take part, simply close your browser. No one will know if you have decided to end here.
If you have carefully read this far, and would like to participate, please click on “Next.” We begin by asking you some basic information, and then move into some content questions. You never have to share your name or contact details with our study team. If you want to enter into a draw for one of 10 $25 gift cards, you will be redirected to a separate survey where you can add your email address.
If I agree to participate?
Please complete the survey in one sitting. It is not possible to save your survey responses and return to complete them later. 
Two final pieces of information:
1.       This study and survey has been approved by the University of Manitoba Health Research Ethics Board.
2.       Completion of this survey implies your consent for the purposes stated above.
What if I have questions:
If you would like to ask questions to the study lead, Dr J Protudjer, you can email her at or leave her a voice mail on 204 480 1384