* 1. How many CSC Winnipeg monthly Seminar meetings have you attended in the last 6 months?

* 2. Rate the following factors that impact your decision to attend or not attend a CSC Monthly Seminar meeting

  Extremely Importance Reasonably Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Seminar Topic
Time of Day (Currently Lunch)
Cost of Seminar/Lunch
Method of Payment (Currently On Line Only)
Location of Luncheon Seminar (Predominantly Caboto Centre)

* 3. Rate the following categories of seminar topics you think are most desireable or beneficial

  Highly desireable Reasonably Desireable Desireable Somewhat Desireable Not Desirable At All
New facility design lectures and tours
Contract law and legal topics
Building code, by-law or standards issues and new developments
Specification and construction document practices and issues
New or innovative construction products or systems
Networking and social gatherings

* 4. Please provide any comments or suggestions you may have regarding other factors that influence your decision to attend a CSC Winnipeg monthly seminar meeting or any seminar topics you suggest we consider