Curently there are 463 SDBC members.  Basic SDBC dues are $45 annually + $10 for each additional family member.  Dues for Juniors (18 and under) are $10.  Basic dues were last raised in 2008.  For background, Ralph Elliott says dues were $35 in 1994. Since then inflation has erode the buying power of the dollar.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, dues would need to be $56.27 to have the same buying power today.

* 1. Would you support raising the basic annual SDBC membership dues?

* 2. If dues were raised, to what amount should they be raised?

* 3. Should dues be raise for family members?

* 4. If dues are raised for family members, to what amount should they be raised?

* 5. Should dues be raised on Juniors?

* 6. If dues are raised on Juniors, to what amount should they be raised?

* 7. Some clubs and organizations offer multi-year memberships at discounted rates for each additional year.  This saves the member time and money, while reducing the amount of time Club volunteers spend on processing memberships.

Would you be interested in multi-year membership?