1. USA Cycling 2008 Regional Development Camp Request for Eligibility

Thank you for your interest in the 2008 USACycling Regional Women's Development Camp program. All questions with "*" must be answered. Please make sure the email account associated with your "MYUSACycling" account is current. If your request for eligibility is accepted, your MYUSACycling account will be updated within a week, with a link in the top right corner where you can "view available camps". If your request is denied, you will receive an email from USACycling.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your USAC license number?

* 3. What is your current email address? If this email address is different from the one in the USA Cycling membership database, please go to the MY USACYCLING function of the USAC website and update your email information.

* 4. How many years have you been racing with a USACycling racing license (including 2008)?

* 5. What will be your chronological age on the first day of camp?

* 6. What is your USA Cycling Racing Category?

* 7. In the past 12 months, how many USACycling races have you participated in?

* 8. Please list your top five (5) race results from the past 12 months. Please be sure to include the race discipline, race name, date, location, category entered, and final placing. For consistent formatting, please adhere to the formatting in the following example: Road Race, Sea Otter Classic, April 20, 2008, Monterey CA, Junior 17/18, 3rd.

* 9. Have you participated in any NRC or NMBS races in the past 12 months. If so, what was your best result? Please refer to the format from the previous question.

* 10. Which USA Cycling Regional Development Camp are you wishing to attend?

* 11. Are you going to be registering with teammates to take advantage of the team discount? If so, please enter the name of your team below. If not, please write "no" in the space below.